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Church at 338 West University Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85705

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  • This is the oldest church in Tucson Arizona what is their not to love. My Grandparents were married here. My daughter and son made their first Holy Communion and confirmation here. My homeschooling group had coops here for years! Holy Family church has confession available everyday here so powerful! A beautiful community here you will really enjoy it here!

    Added July 21, 2017 by Margarita Rivera
  • Wow, have never been to St. Gianna's Oratory
    yet it appears to be my ultimate dream Church!!
    Beautiful and traditional- We might have to make a retreat one day.......Thanks again St. Gianna !

    Added July 18, 2017 by Gina Serra
  • When I first moved to the then overwhelmingly afro-american Dunbar Spring neighborhood on 126 W 4th st., June, 1989, I immediately sensed that SOMETHING exerted a blessing on "de Good Hood" as I and several comrades called it. From then to 2005, I wasn't sure what it was, but December that year, I returned to the True Faith and learned the answer: Holy Family! I was homeless from 2005-2012, and can state without reservation that Holy Family/St. Gianna Oratory LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE during this time.

    Once I started the Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass in 2008, the rain of Blessings became a flood, upon which I rose, found a wife, and a Life in this world and that to come. The Canons of SGO bring a particularly wholesome influence to the area, and I know that God watches that whole area, so that His Special Church there may radiate His True Light for years to come.

    Added March 04, 2017 by Gerald Morris
  • I've been enormously blessed by The Latin Mass / St. Gianna at Holy Family Church. Canon Richard (and Fr. David & Fr. Walsh), we've been enormously blessed with you here at St. Gianna Oratory. We will miss you. We will be praying for you and your new assignment in West Germany. We welcome Canon Avis. (plz excuse me if spelling wrong)

    We / I'm grateful for Institute of Christ The King. God bless The Catholic Church.

    Jerry V. - parishioner

    Added October 08, 2016 by Jerry Valenzuela
  • I visited here once and was amazed at the priest's homily. I nearly gave him a standing ovation is was so refreshing to hear the truth of the Catholic faith preached.

    The building itself is truly catholic and a little piece of history. Now, if they could only get rid of the flourescent lights...

    Added August 06, 2016 by A Google User
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